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6/25/2013 1:00:00 AM EASTERN
Updated: 6/25/2013 10:25:37 AM EASTERN
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New Health Education Specialist Joins SHN

Marie Maust, RN has been a valuable member of Scheurer Healthcare Network for 21 years. Working in many different departments, such as ER and Chemotherapy to name a couple, Marie has spent her last ten years Scheurer in the Community Relations Department. In her position, Marie has enriched the community by developing and facilitating programs such as Ask the Expert, Caregiver Connection and “I Can Cope” Cancer Support Group. These monthly programs are free to the public and have become a valuable tool for education in the area along with providing support for those who need it. Marie was also very involved with education in the schools in SHN’s service area. These projects included Pumpin’ for Life, a heart healthy education program for 6th graders, and ThinkFirst, a brain and spinal cord injury prevention program for 3rd graders. Marie has also been well-known for giving community members valuable life-saving skills in CPR and First Aid class. Her dedication to the community and professionalism has impacted the community in ways that cannot be measured and will be greatly missed.


Though Marie has big shoes to fill, her role in the community will be well cared-for as Shannon Kelly-Eisinger joins the Community Relations Department at Scheurer Hospital. Shannon is a graduate of Ferris State University and brings experience in community relations and education, as well as patient care experience. Following in Marie’s footsteps, Shannon is ready to dive in and coordinate the programs Marie had previously provided, in addition to developing new services based on the needs of the community.


If you have any questions for Shannon please contact her by email at or by phone at (989) 453-5222.